We are giving away 2 family Sessions

As a way to give back to the community and help a few families get some beautiful family photographs that they can cherish, I would like to give away 2 sessions at a local park in Phoenixville to 2 families that otherwise couldn't afford the session or the images after the fact. If you have any Family in mind please contact Us and submit there name and information. If they only want photos of their kids we can do that too, maybe they want to bring a pet or their parents or grandparents. Whatever the case, it will be free with no hidden costs or fees. They will get 5 or more digital images and a few prints as well.

We only have space for 2 families right now, but may open up more spots in the future. We believe profesional printed photography is to be cherished and appreciated by all. Please find some images below that I have personally shot at this location, They will happen on Sunday April 26th at 6:30 and 7pm,

Thanks Guys!

Kevin Gregory


Photo & Graph LLC, Phoenixville PA



Family Love

Autumn Family Portrait


Big Sister hugging baby Sister

Silhouette photo of family at sunset

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