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Pets Welcome!

Having professional family photos taken is a big deal! It’s a great way to mark a change in your family or just keep track of how you and your children change over the years. These are memories you’ll cherish as your children grow older—images to look back on to remind you of how much everyone has grown.

As you capture these memories, of course you want to include every member of your family, including your furry friends. Your pets bring so much to your life, and they can bring a lot to your family photo session as well!

Girl holding black cat in black and white in Phoenixville studio
Kitten love

Your pet is part of the family

Let’s be honest, your pet is just as much a part of your family as your spouse or children. They’re part of your day-to-day life, a friend to all of you, so why shouldn’t they be included in your family portraits? After all, every member of your family should be represented! And when you look back at these photos in the years to come, you don’t want to wonder why your furry friend wasn’t there.

Girl laughing and chasing puppy in a park
This little girl loved her puppy!

Pets make photos more fun

Despite all your best efforts, family photos can be stressful, especially if you have young children. It can often be a challenge to get everyone dressed and keep them acting cooperative. But having your pet along can definitely lighten the mood! Their playful antics can ease anxiety about your session and help get everyone smiling and having a good time.

They make your images extra special

Your friends and family will love to see your family portraits, but imagine how much more delighted they’ll be to see your pet in them as well! Pets have a way of putting a smile on everyone’s face, and they add a little extra sweetness to your photos. Plus, pets encourage you to act a little more natural and worry less about posing, resulting in genuine images that truly show off the personalities of each member of your family.

Puppy Sleeping

They can be a comfort to kids

Sometimes children don’t want their photo taken, and they definitely don’t want to sit still. Having the family pet present can be a huge comfort. Not only do they have something to help distract them from the camera, but they can also run and play with their furry best friend, allowing them to be more genuinely themselves and giving your photographer the chance to capture genuine smiles of joy.

You want to remember them

It’s hard to think about, but your pet won’t be around forever. Photography is all about freezing a moment in time, capturing a memory and holding it for years to come. Including your pet in your family photos is the perfect way to remember them when they’re gone. Family photos allow you

Family at Christmas in a tree farm with dog and little kids
Tree Farm Family Session. look at that adorable Doggy :)

Two Beautiful friends!

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