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I love to photograph candid, real life moments. Cool fun kids party ideas to have captured.

Looking for a way to celebrate your child’s birthday? Cake smashes are a popular choice, and fun but not every parent wants a messy photo session with their little one covered in frosting. And while your child may not remember the party you throw, it’s an important milestone for your family and for you as a parent. After all, you’ve made it through a year of babyhood—that’s a big deal! In all honesty, personally I wish we had great pictures from our first Childs 1st birthday. I think we have a few on a hard drive somewhere taken with an old phone which is lost. But to have an amazing photo on canvas on my wall of her blowing out that first candle would be priceless, literally.

Then as your child grows you won't want to forget all these years that pass so quickly, 2,3,9,10,16. It goes fast and there are so many fun and valuable moments to capture on each birthday!

To help you get started with your party planning, we put together a few unique and fun ideas for your child birthdays

Get Creative with painting! (3 and up)

To keep stress to a slow burn, there are people that will come to your house or location for a painting party! just like the places that do it for adults with wine but only juice allowed at this party! Every child gets a canvas and with direction they each paint their individual painting. Im sure there are many options or ways to do it but a great local choice I've found is

They are great with the kids and super fun to work with.

black and white photo of girl painting on canvas with acrylics
Photo of girl painting with intent!

So much fun!

photo of a canvas painted by a 3 year old boy
3 year olds master works.

PhotoBooth Party (photography themed) (5-6 and up)

You know I couldn't get through a list like this without this idea! This is my favorite one of course :). Rent a photobooth (we offer this service), the kids love the custom backdrop and fun pictures with their friends, (photos, gifs, boomerang) then you get a few polaroid cameras and a few digital cameras and lay them out and have the kids dictate the photo style! they can take 1-2 pictures home and you keep the rest for precious memories. The decorating options are endless, and you will surely have the most unique party of year!

Photo & Graph Phoenixville

Go green with a garden theme (any age!)

I know what you’re thinking: veggies are not a fun party theme! But add a few bunnies and bright flowers, and you have a cute party idea that’s perfect for springtime. Decorations can be as simple as potted plants and stuffed rabbits, while spring is the perfect time to find carrot-shaped candies and chocolates in pastel colors as party favors.

boy picks flower in field
finding flower

Make some noise(1-2 years old)

If your little one likes to bop around to music, a party full of tunes for your one year olds birthday party is the perfect theme! Create up a jam space with pots, pans, and utensils for the little ones to make their own music and add some musical decorations to make this party a hit. DANCE PARTY!!

Look pretty in pastels(any age!)

Who says a theme can’t just be a color palette? Give your child’s birthday party a little elegance and whimsy with pastel decorations. Frosted donuts make the perfect cake alternative for desert, and pastel candy can serve as both sweet treat and décor!

Hit the road(any age!)

If your child loves toy cars, an auto-themed party is a great way to capture their personality. Let your guests fuel up with racing-themed drinks and snacks and decorate with license plates and shiny hubcaps. A “pit crew” can even be a fun name for a play area for the little ones!

Wander through the woods(1-99 years old) :)

A woodland theme makes for an adorable party with tons of décor and food options. From forest animals like owls, foxes, and bears to camp favorites like smores, there are so many ways to bring the wild into your birthday celebration! or backyard! tents and sleepovers to wrap a bow on a perfect party for the older kids.

little boy laying in grass with fall leaves
tired from the woods wondering

Go under the sea

Whether you prefer a sailboat or mermaid theme, an underwater-focused party is a great way to add color and fun to your child’s birthday. Goldfish and Swedish fish make perfect themed snacks, and a homemade sailboat is a fun photo backdrop.

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